A wonderful wedding  –  2019.09.16

A wonderful wedding  –  2019.09.16

The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son​.​
Matthew 22, 2

Yes, in the same way the heavenly Father prepares the wedding of His Son Jesus to the bride, the church. He is very much looking forward to Jesus being reunited with the bride! Now is, in a manner of speaking, the “time of engagement”. The couple get to know each other, long for each other and make plans, tell each other everything and dream of being together.
Soon Jesus will come and fetch His bride. It will be a great celebration!
At that time the people who were actually invited did not have time to attend the wedding. They had more important things to do. The messengers of the king were so annoying that they were killed. – That’s how many prophets and evangelists have fared.
But God has directed His eyes on His people and never lets such a sin go unpunished. Religion is the worst enemy of living Christianity!
When the invited guests would not come, the king sent the messengers to anyone they could find: out on the country roads, to the pubs, to the cinema, to the markets, everywhere where there were people. And such people came to the celebration: good and evil, noblemen and vagrants, a very colourful mix. But everyone got a wedding dress and no one was denied access.
The king did not save at the banquet. He poured out the best wine, served only the most delicious dishes. – We sometimes get a little jealous when people from the street eat the best food …. God does not know such thrifts and sensitivities.
We see a great satiety in the people who already attend church or who have been respecting pious traditions all their lives. But we see a great hunger for God at our banquets for the homeless or when we go to prison to witness for Jesus. These people want more!
God is forging a very special army together: Homeless people, alcoholics, drug addicts, lonely people, losers ….. Maybe there won’t be so many high-ranking, distinguished people there. But Jesus came for the sinners, not for the righteous. He loves them!

Thank You Jesus, You have accepted me! With You I am precious and loved, welcome and warmly welcomed! Thank You, You have time, hope and patience with me! I am right with You. Thank You!

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