Yeast – 2015.06.18

Yeast – 2015.06.18

The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.
Matthew 13, 33
A little yeast leavens the whole dough. A little salt seasons the whole soup. A few sincere Christians enforce the state.
But it also applies the other way around! A little sin and compromise is something like yeast that permeates all Christians. A little skepticism is like salt, and the entire soup is seasoned with it.
What do we want? If we are to be salt and yeast of Jesus, His word must prevail entirely. The leaven of sin and compromise, we must shake off. We live in this world and not in heaven, but why do we want to shape us of the ideas in the world? Why should we allow this manipulation of values ​​through television? Constantly we are persuaded that everything is normal with sin until we finally believe it ourselves and act accordingly. We need to examine ourselves earnestly, who and what influences our thinking.
Jesus’ words should be in us like yeast and salt. They should prevail entirely. We want to be with Him and His Word in the morning. And during the day to think about it. And throughout the day to stay with him in the conversation. And in the evening we have time to study His Word and to have fellowship with other Christians. So he will be the leaven that penetrates us and we are the leaven that permeates the world.

Dear Holy Spirit, permeate through me! In order that this word of Jesus remains alive in me and His nature rubs off on me. Please remove the yeast of sin from me and my thinking, I prefer to be similar to you. Please, uncover where I make compromises and where unbelief still reigns! I want to belong entirely to God.

Bible Reading Today: Luke 9, 18 – 36

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