The Cuckoo`s Egg – 2015.06.17

The Cuckoo`s Egg – 2015.06.17

Whoever has will be given more, and he will have in abundance.
Matthew 13:12
This morning I was thinking about the cuckoo. It is a lazy bird, that lays its eggs in other birds nest. Other birds are incubating the egg. And when the little birds are hatching, the cuckoo is the largest having the longest beak. The poor parents put so much into this big beak, feed this cuckoo baby that they neglect their own birds thereby. And it grows and grows until it pushes everyone else out of the nest.
Faith can be compared with such a cuckoo
s egg in a nest of sin. If it will be fed steadily it grows and grows. It throw out everything what does not fit in the life of faith.
Jesus says: Whoever has will be given more. If we have faith we will receive. He does not ask us how great our faith is. Obviously a mustard seed faith is sufficient for Him which He lets grow on and on until we will have in abundance. But let us feed the few. so it can grow!
And let us accept it, that it throws out everything what is not belonging to the nest of faith. We rather should not flirt with the nice things of the world and not insist on our right to do so. He says: We will have in abundance. He will provide us and give us sufficiently so that we can give and share with others. God thinks about other gifts than the world does. We want to be like Jesus and not like the very important persons in this world: egoistical, brutal, money-grubbing, power hungry, selfish, bitter, luxury and sin loving …..

Yes, Lord, I want more faith! Thank you for the little You gave me that will grow with Your help. I will have in abundance, will receive everything as a gift when I only let you work in me. Otherwise I always have to achieve all by my own strength. You, however, You are giving and giving. I prefer to accept that and will take the time for You so that You can "feed" me.

Bible reading today – Luke 9: 1-17

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