A new pure heart – 2015.06.24

A new pure heart – 2015.06.24

Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Psalm 51.10
King David had experienced quite a lot with God as His child. But then he changed, got self-confident and perhaps a little bit lazy too. When his army went into battle he stayed behind in the city. In his time of relax he saw Batheseba who enchanted his heart. He let her come to enjoy her presence. When some time later they realized that she got pregnant, he commanded to kill her husband. God allowed that this man of God fell so deeply in sin. In His mercy He sent the prophet Natan to him who got him to admit his guilt. Only in that moment when David confessed his sin Natan could award the forgiveness of God to David who, thereafter, felt purified again although his sin had been so serious.
Indeed, sometimes God let us fall deeply when we become self-assured. By doing so we could find our way back to Him. He knows our temperament and is aware that we are impetuous sometimes. However, He is able to handle that, to bring us to that point where we will listen to His voice again getting more and more dependant on Him until we are totally His child.
God knows why we sin: Our heart is old and unclear; we need a new and pure heart, a new steadfast spirit.
He wants to give us that all through Jesus Christ. He takes away the stony cold heart and gives us a fleshy one, a compassionate and vivid heart. He cleanses us from all evil by the blood of Jesus. He sends us the Holy Spirit so that we constantly could walk in faith. The Spirit of God knows how we should live. He warns, remind us, helps and comfort us, strengthens our faith. He fortifies us and gives us stability. He reveals to us the power of God`s word. He shows us the way through the day. We only have to listen and to obey Him. This protects us from many temptations and detours. Indeed, He has great, great patience with us. He knows that we do not grasp everything immediately and therefore tries it again and again until we begin to comprehend. He knows that we are victims of temptation sometimes. However, He takes us back to the cross. Yes indeed,we definitely need the new everlasting Spirit.

Thank you, Jesus, You are giving us Your Spirit. He always is present and guides us, helps us to constantly listen to Him. Yes, I want to go my way with You, I want a new pure heart and this new steadfast Spirit.

Bible reading: Psalm 51

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