Devotions – 2015.06.23

Devotions – 2015.06.23

Jerusalem, go up on a high mountain
and proclaim the good news!
Call out with a loud voice, Zion;
announce the good news!
Speak out and do not be afraid.
Tell the towns of Judah
that their God is coming!
Isaiah 40, 9

Where is God? Sometimes I wish Jesus would be so visible to me, as He was to His disciples. It would be nice to talk to Him and to ask Him for everything. How much easier would it be for me!!
But Jesus shows me that He wants much more. Because the disciples remained, despite the presence of Jesus, always what they were. Their heart got not changed a bit. That is why Jesus says: Be glad, when I go to the Father; because then He sends you a supporter and comforter, the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, He took the disciples in possession and filled their heart. They were so full of courage and joy that half of the earth heard the gospel within a few years. God wants our hearts! It shall be his residence. Look, this is our God!
If we are asked: "where is your God?" – We shall say: "Here He is, in my heart." He is not a distant God who sits high up in heaven, but He is with His children. And other people should see this presence of God in our hearts. Because it has wonderful effects: peace, joy, love, hope, patience, gentleness, comfort, security, courage and so much more!

Thank you, Father, for being so close to us. You do not live in some far-off worlds, unapproachable. You live in our hearts; there shall be Your throne, there You shall reign!

Bible reading today: Luke 10, 21 – 37

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