About Coronavirus, President Trump, and others  –  2020.08.23

About Coronavirus, President Trump, and others  –  2020.08.23

Jesus says:
No one can serve two masters.
Either you will hate the one and love the other,
or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.
You cannot serve both God and mammon.
Matthew 6:24

The above words are part of JesusSermon on the Mount, in which He is concerned that we serve God with all our heart and trust Him. And He continued warning: Do not worry! Jesus wants to give us peace, freedom, joy, satisfaction, and comfort. Therefore Jesus blames everything that hurts our fellowship with God.
Today I wrote about this with a few people whose views were incorrect according to my opinion. Wow, think I have stabbed  the wasp
s nest thereby. What kind of harsh, irreconcilable, insulting answers they had given me. There was no more mutual respect, no more patient listening, no esteem of other opinions. How Christians – and I have adressed brothers and sisters in Jesus – can react like this nowadays!  They replied like extremists, like sectarians.
How am I supposed to understand that? I think, Jesus clearly has given the answer in His above mentioned words: Either we follow Him and hate all evil, all harsh, impatient, damning words, or we follow the devil with uncontrolled emotions, no longer accessible to God. All peace is then missing!
Indeed, so many siblings call themselves good christians. But when it comes to money, they often behave worse than the children of the world.
The same is true in the political field. Those who are not firmly rooted in Jesus expect redemption from people, from princes of this world, become dependent on conspiracy theories, slide into fanatism. There is then no more security, no rock on which you can stand!
Many of us so-called Christians are slipping away because we no longer allow Jesus to be Lord in all areas of our life. This gets obvious when it comes to topics as coronavirus and Mr Trump for instance. This is not acceptable! We have to change that! As it is mentioned in Galater 5:22 the fruit of  the spirit is love and not emnity and oppression.
Please check whether you also get extrem easily and whether other views easily can upset you. Please check whether you always put Jesus first place. Only He can protect you  against all negative emotions and judgements. Secure in Christ you say goodbye to the language of violence, of the exclusive, of the irreconcilable.
It is frightening to see how the enemy is dividing the Christian community, robs the peace, suddenly turns us into enemies when it comes to hot public issues. That hurts my soal! We should not accept that! Jesus defintely hates that!
Therefore please be reconciled in Jesus name! Live forgiveness, respect to one another, live in humbleness and humility!

Jesus, we need Your Holy Spirit, who leads us in all truth, who gives us love and patience, humility and peace, forgiveness and faith in unity. No destructive argument is npossible in Your presence. With Your help I can tolerate and endure other opinions and love them. You will give me strength to be a good witness. Thank You!  

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