Accusations against God – 2016.05.26

Accusations against God – 2016.05.26

My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.
Proverbs 23, 26

Why is it that so many Christians are unable to give God their whole heart and trust Him fully and completely? The answer lies in the second part of this verse: they do not find delight in His ways. They blame God for allowing their lives to go the way they do. They blame themselves, perhaps for making wrong decisions, or they blame others for destroying their lives. Bitterness spreads: – deep in the heart accusations reign, but not the trust in Jesus.
It may be difficult to accept everything life gives us. But we would not be in this place if things had happened differently. And this is the place God has given us.
I do not understand everything in my life. At times I recognize that something has been good for me, where at first I was not at all in agreement with it. But very often I do not know how God could have allowed something to happen in my life. Some of it was due to my own decisions, so now I think, I have to live with it; – and I blame myself. And sometimes I remember the injustices done against me; – and I blame others.
It is hard to accept ones own life, when one keeps blaming and when one cannot accept the place one is in at that moment.
We can find healing in forgiveness. We “forgive” God for guiding us this way, for not always intervening and keeping us safe. We want to turn our anger against God and His works into compliance. Because we understand very little about the coherencies in our lives. We seldom know the purpose of something. But God knows His plan for our lives. He has researched everything, also our soul, and He has found it good and right. So we want to engage ourselves and consciously accept His way. It is a decision we have to make, and then we need to stick to it. Then God can reconcile us with Him, and we can find delight in His ways.

Yes, Lord Jesus, I accept Your ways with me. I bow to Your will, because I know and trust You. Having accepted the good, I also want to accept the bad. Because You are my helper, comforter, saviour and friend.

Bible study for today: 1 Timothy 1, 1-11

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