Answer to prayer  –  2020.11.09

Answer to prayer  –  2020.11.09

Call me on the day of trouble;
I will deliver you,
and you will honour me.
Psalm 50:15

This is God’s word for us: Call on me in need, and I will save you, and you shall praise me. – Is this not a wonderful word? Yes, but do we believe it?
Tell me what you believe in. From what hardship could God save you, and which hardship do you believe God cannot? And then you realise that there are many things where we don’t think about calling upon God. We don’t even think about asking God for help in certain  emergencies. Either the need is too great and we don’t think He can help, or the need is too trivial and we think that God shouldn’t be bothered with that, he has more important things to do.
But if we really call on God with all our heart, He will always have an open ear and answer us. HE will help us out of our distress, one way or another, as I wish or as God sees fit. HE has promised it.
In my youth we went on a group cycle tour.  One of the girls couldn’t find her little bicycle key again and we could not pick the lock. After several attempts the leader said: “I don’t know what else to do, we have to pray.” Hardly had he said Amen when someone saw the tiny key in the high grass. Well, if that is not a prompt answer to prayer! It made such a strong impression on me that I, ever since that day, always pray first when I have lost something. And usually I find it quickly. It saves me a lot of stress, time and energy. I think it’s great how Jesus responds to me!
Some people don’t think that you can call on Jesus when you are sick. But we do and we have experienced wonderful things. It’s not an automatic thing, to throw in prayer and get healing from the machine. No, it is the grace of Jesus, an undeserved gift. Thank You!!
A sister had very aggressive leukemia. She was always praying. And God relieved her from her suffering. He did not heal her, but He put her above all suffering; – she did not mind any more because she was so closely united to Jesus. And HE created a way out for her: HE took her up into heaven, into His bosom. Not a cure of leukaemia, but a cure of her soul, a way out of suffering. She was very happy even when she went home, because she knew she was going to her Lord.
We  have been short of money many times. And the Lord has helped. Often we had other needs. And the Lord helped. There is nothing the Lord cannot help us with.
We do what we can, but we also pray as if it were all because of Jesus. HE is a wonderful Lord. We trust Him completely!

Thank You Jesus, You are wonderful. You hear my prayer and my calling. You save me again and again. And I praise You. You are really wonderful!

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