Danger to life – 2020.02.22

Danger to life – 2020.02.22

„When I said, My foot slippeth;
thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.“
Psalm 94, 18

I was once in the Alps with my son. I lost my walking stick. It slipped down the rocks. Immediately the word came up in my head and I prayed: Lord, I trust in You and Your word. I will return the stick. – And so I let myself down the rocks. Below me was a steep precipice, at least 100 meters deep. I got hold of the stick and returned to my son healthy. Thus His word was fulfilled. But, honestly, I do not want to risk my life again for such a small walking stick. How good that the LORD kept His word!
But in life it often happens that the carpet is torn from under our feet and we fall. Sometimes other people are to blame, sometimes our failures and sometimes just coincidence or misfortune. But when we fall, He is there. He has me and He will always catch you. No matter how deep the fall, it’s in God’s hands. It may be that your whole world falls to pieces, but He is still there and holds you firmly in His hand.
Sometimes we go bankrupt, sometimes the marriage breaks up, or the kids go crazy, or the career goes down …. There are so many misfortunes that threaten us and sometimes even want to bring death.
So we can always look at Jesus with confidence. HE is there. HE still holds things in His hand. May the others still rage and wish us evil: He has His hand on us. That is how I have experienced it, and that is how many others have experienced it, and that is how you will experience it: He always has the last word. It does not always go according to our wishes, but He always has you firmly in His hand. You are safe and secure.

Thank ​Y​ou, Jesus! You have always looked after me. You never leave ​Y​our child alone! Your comfort has always refreshed my soul and given me new courage. Thank ​Y​ou for being here.

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