Devotion – 2020.07.04

Devotion – 2020.07.04

You formed the way I think and feel.
You put me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because you made me in such a wonderful way.
I know how amazing that was!
Psalms 139, 13f

God’s word was over His creation. And God saw that this was good. And about us it is written: Wonderful! About all the works of God, even about us, is written: Astonishing! Yes, that is our God. What He creates and makes, that is very good, wonderful and admirable.
Now, however, there is a problem: We people see it differently. Even the great Hollywood beauties sometimes have cosmetic surgeries. In the morning teenagers stand in front of the bathroom mirror and try to cover a spot. It is not sung, because those from the radio can do it much better. We measure ourselves on this illusory world where every little mistake is airbrushed – Therefore we don’t get along in life or at least it’s very hard.
If people are so insecure and feel so inferior, the enemy has a walk-over with them and delegates them to where he wants them to be: Away from God.
Our only help is a firm ground! We should be well-grounded in God’s Word. We should know the truth! We should know Jesus personally and be guided by Him! Because His YES to us is an eternal, immutable Yes. Whether we are tired or sick, have a pimple or can not sing: He wants us! He considers us for well! He wants to be our best friend! Then we can also sometimes swim against the stream and have our own opinion. Then we are mature, firm, stable people who are a blessing to their environment.

Thank You, Jesus, You truly are my best friend! With You I don’t have to shed my skin to show You how good I am. You know me through and through and mean well with me! You know my skills and talents and want to make use of them, You don’t just see my mistakes and weaknesses! Yes, You shall move and touch me because You mean well with me!

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