But no one says, “Where is God my maker;
who gives songs in the night.”
Iob 35, 10

Praise pulls up ! All the great people in the kingdom of God had this realization. When Israel once had to fight against a superior force, they placed the singers and musicians right in the front. They praised God and the enemy destroyed himself. When Paul and Barnabas were in prison, they began to praise God. Thereupon the earth shook, their chains fell off and the doors broke up. Georg Müller, founder of orphanages in England (when there was no youth welfare office, no social security office and no other orphanages) knew these ” tactics “. If they had nothing more to eat and the breakfast threatens to be canceled, he bent his knees and praised God that He never let the children starve. And somehow they really got something to eat everytime. These children always had a meal! Even Mother Theresa in Calcutta knew of the worship. Constantly 50 or more sisters were in the chapel and praised God. So many wonderful things happened by Mother Theresa. There is a man who has an alarm clock in his pocket, ringing every 10 minutes, which constantly reminds him to praise God. Maybe it sounds a little weird, but God is doing great things by him. The pastor of the largest church in the world in Seoul, Korea, has a lot to do. But every day he prays many hours because he knows, otherwise he will not make it.
Yes, if we choose to always thank God for everything and if we constantly praise Him, He will help us and “give us songs in the night” and will show himself in our own lives! A businessman told me that he has become experienced over time and often felt a restlessness, when a contract somehow is not okay. Then he carefully checks the contract a second time and often discoveres some traps in small print. He thinks it is his own ability. But I know, as he prays a lot and searches for community with Jesus, Jesus himself gives him this gift and saves him from mistakes and wrong decisions. It is not his own art, but the work of God! We have to keep an eye on where we see. If everything are only “coincidences”, we actually do not need God. If all these are our own abilities, then why do we need a helper and savior? We rather should look on our Lord and thank Him for everything, all the time! Then He also gives us “songs in the night” when everything is dark and we see do not see a way out. We will soon have a reason to thank Him! Because the Savior is there, where He is praised!

Thank You, Jesus, I have experienced so many good things with You! So I can thank You without end. You are so wonderful that I want to praise You without a break! Yes, You are my wonderful God and Savior!

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