Father and mother  –  2019.12.10

Father and mother  –  2019.12.10

Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.
Exodus 20, 12

Few children grow up completely without tension between them and  their father and mother. Although we have had many good moments with them, sometimes we have been hurt, and this hurt continues to have an effect to this day, making life difficult for us. Especially hurtful words spoken by a mother become engraved in our hearts and shape our thinking and our self-image and self-confidence, and the evil deeds of our fathers shape our image of a man as a husband or as we see ourselves as a man. They shape us in both good and evil.
First of all we have to say that all parents are human beings and sinners. It is impossible for them to do everything right. But the question is, how do we deal with their mistakes? They shape us more than we would like.
What about the “superfluous” child when what you really wanted was a new car? Where one already had a child and another one creates only problems? How does that affect us? What about the mother’s lack of love, her cold feelings, her preference for other siblings, her alcohol intoxication, a father’s outbursts of rage, his loud, boastful voice, his overwhelming power …?
I suffered a lot as a child, so much so that I wanted to take my own life back then. Others suffered even more, as I now know. And many have been healed from this terrible past. I myself have learned to forgive my mother and father everything, really everything, even the worst. And always, when the thoughts came back and these bad feelings, I forgave them again until it slowly became more bearable. And then I noticed that I actually loved them very much. Now they are long dead, but I love them even more and am glad that I will see them again in heaven. I miss them here on earth.
The sting is from the flesh, the memory no longer hurts. Only forgiveness makes it possible. The heavenly Father saw my decision, and He helped me with it. He arranged everything in my heart so that I forgave. He is a wonderful Father!

Thank You Father in Heaven! You are wonderful! Everything You ask of us, You yourself do within us, even forgiveness. It is enough for You if I want it with all my heart. Thank You for Your help, thank You for the healing of my heart!

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