Fear, worry, and little faith – 2016.06.19

Fear, worry, and little faith – 2016.06.19

Jesus said to His followers: You are of little faith, why are you so afraid?
Matthew 8:26

The disciples of Jesus were always together with Jesus and saw miracle after miracle. And yet they had fear for their life in the midst of the storm. He, however, was totally protected in the Hands of the heavenly Father…
We also have often fear when something is threatening us. It may be thickness, unemployment, a bad neighbor, or a policeman driving after us. We can really have the impression to be steadily attacked. We then are insecure especially when we have to face new situations. What can all happen!  Unthinkable if possibly…..! This undefined fear can determine our life.
In addition to that we fear not to know something and do everything wrong or prefer to do nothing.
Or are we as courageous as Jesus? Are we praying before God without fear and ask for great things without doubts?  Are we marching in certainty which God gives us?  Are we living in the security which the heavenly Father offers us and which Jesus enjoyed in the midst of the storm?
To be afraid is human and quite normal as it had been with the disciples. However, we can overcome the fear as Peter did it when he stepped out of the boat, went over the sea to Jesus in spite of the great waves. He had almost made it. What a courageous man! But at that moment when he looked at the waves he began to drown in fear but Jesus saved him and brought him back to the boat. Yes, Jesus is there when we need His help.
We want to exercise it every day to go with Him in spite of all fear and little faith. The trust in Jesus should reign us and not the undefined fear!  In piece and with trust we will seek the security and safety in Him. First we will discuss with Him our matters of concern before performing them. We act in the certainty that He is present, leads, directs, and protects us. He is there also when we make mistakes. He forgives and puts everything in order again. He is not blaming us to be a failure, a good-for-nothing! No, He is a wonderful Master and we may go at His hand bravely and safely!

Thank You, Jesus, for the security which You give. Yes, I am fully protected at Your side. Even when I make mistakes, You are greater! How wonderful that I can entrust You everything, put everything in Your strong Hands.

Bible reading today – Hebrew 7: 11-28
Hebrew 7: 25 – Therefore He is able to safe completely those who come to God through Him, because He always lives to intercede for them.

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