God does not lie! – 2015.01.19

God is not like people, who lie;
He is not a human who changes his mind.
Whatever he promises, he does;
He speaks, and it is done.
I have been instructed to bless,
And when God blesses, I cannot call it back.
Numeri 23:19f
God knows us people exactly! And yet He has been instructed to bless us, He can not help it. He wants to be gracious to us, and it can not call it back.
It’s hard to grasp this boundless love of God’s. Because we are different to each other. The love of God can be seen and experienced, but not understood. It is simply inconceivable to us.
God forgives and forgets; – We do not. How often memories come up where someone has hurt us or treated us badly! How often do we distort the truth a bit so that it’s not so bad for us. How often do we think: That’s a fair punishment when someone has done something bad and then a misfortune happens to him. No, we are not like God. If He would treat us as we treat each other, there would no longer be a man.
God will bless, He wants good for us, He will not punish or condemn us, for Him there are no hopeless cases, He keeps His word, even if we stand against it. Only a few times He did change His mind. It was when He wanted to convict and punish someone, but this one repented and changed his life. When He wanted to destroy Nineveh because of their wickedness, all the people repented, and God spared Nineveh. When God wanted to destroy Israel because they had again made them an idol, Moses stood up for his people, and God relented and did not destroy. Repentance and intercession can make God change his mind! Then He forgives and deletes the wrong in His mind.
Today we want to live in this blessing of the Lord. We want to avail it! We do not want to expect anything bad about Him, but only good. Let us examine our thinking, what we expect from Him! Perhaps we think of Him as we think of people? Then we want to correct ourselves and expect only good things from our Father in Heaven. He does not want to punish me. He does not judge me. He protects me. I am precious to Him. He forgives and forgets my fault. He likes to be with me. He keeps His word that He has given me personally. He is worried about me. He wrapped me in love, mercy and grace. He has hope and patience with me …. There is so much good that I can expect from Him!
Thank you, Father, You are the God who loves me! You have patience and hope for me. You are gracious and merciful to me and You forgive my fault. You are with me today, to bless me!

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