He must become greater – 2017.02.04

He must become greater – 2017.02.04

John the Baptist says:
He must increase, but I must decrease.
John 3: 30

The disciples of John were jealous because Jesus drew more people than their teacher and master. But John confirmed his testimony about Jesus: He is the one for whom we are waiting! He came from heaven and tells us about God and His plans. He must increase, but I must decrease. I am glad that I was for him a pioneer, but now He is here! He has much, much more!!
John saw it correctly: What is man? We can only witness about Jesus. But we ourselves are not the salvation, the salvation which God created. We are more than helpers and servants, friends of God and His children, but we are not God. Jesus is within us too. His image is to shine in us. His will to govern us. His strength and joy should penetrate. But we …. who are we?
There are pastors who take themselves very importantly. There are people who make the Church their career. But that is certainly not willed by God. He wants the humble, the little one. He takes them and makes them big. But those who praise themselves and flaunt their wisdom, he will make small. He appoints and confirms those who are in His kingdom of importance. And before that they have to undergo a heavy training. Some are then overtaken by their pride and greed and failure. But those who faithfully cling to Jesus who will glorify Him.
He will clean His church of all those who praise themselves and only uses the Lord. He himself will call out the people who are going for him.
Jesus should grow in me. I myself want to be humble and small. What good is it to me, when people cheer for me? It satisfies only the vanity. I prefer when Jesus says: Well done, my boy!
Jesus is to live in me and penetrate me. His mercy, patience, kindness should dominate me. I myself will not worry myself or grieve or be anxious or fearful. He is there, my powerful Lord, my king, whom I love and who loves me. I am important to Him, and He is the most important thing to me. In him I am safe because He cares for me. Why should I start to take care of myself? He and His power will be great in me, and my old, big, fat ego will be smaller and smaller. Pride, vanity, greed and lust, self-righteousness and fears disappear! I belong to the Lord alone!
Thank you, Jesus, that You are such a gracious Lord! With you all my thoughts and concerns, my fears and my restless heart come to rest. You care well for me. I want that you’ll always be greater in me, and my old, restless, fat ego is getting smaller. For I am yours.

Bible Reading Today:  Genesis 14

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