Isolation, quarantine and loneliness  –  2020.04.03

Isolation, quarantine and loneliness  –  2020.04.03

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.  ….   Then the devil left Him, and angels came and attended Him.
Matthew 4, 1. 11

We as Christians should obey our government and keep the laws. It is not good when a famous pastor of a mega church in the USA holds large meetings, although it is forbidden. Although it is written in the Bible that one must obey God more than man, it is also written that we should obey the authorities. We should seek the best for the city and the country, and pray for our leaders.
When Joseph was in prison, in isolation, God was with him. He was not alone. Jesus is with our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned in North Korea and other countries because of their faith. HE is the LORD who loves us dearly, especially when things get hard. Then He is faithful and does not leave us.
He will also help us through the quarantine, even if we cannot keep contact with our brothers and sisters. He provides a balance, and is much closer to us in these difficult times than in  normal times. It is important that we do not lose our gratitude, but continue to praise Him and trust Him. There are still many possibilities even in quarantine. I think of a video from a prison in the USA where many prisoners got to know Jesus and changed the atmosphere in the prison. There is now joy and gratitude and many turn to Jesus. So prison becomes a blessing.
Jesus went into solitude to be alone with His Father. And to be tested in the fight against Satan. When He finally sent Satan away, the angels came and served Him. So it can be with our loneliness: If we affirm it and ask the LORD how we can fill this time meaningfully, He will be there and make us a blessing; – and thus make this time a blessing for ourselves. It may not be so easy to live with only the Lord and no work and distraction. But HE will make it wonderful if we continue to worship Him.
Do not be afraid! HE blesses our way! He is here! Let’s thank and praise Him!!

Thank Jesus that You are here, very, very close to me. Thank You for Your comfort, Your joy and Your palpable closeness!

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