Male and Female – 2014.09.21

Haven’t you read that the Creator made them male and female in the beginning?
Matthew 19:4
In God’s creation everything is kept in order. No confining order, but one in which the freedom fully develop. He has created humanity as male and female. Only together they are the image of God, alone, the other component is somehow missing. He wants couples who abandon themselves to each other and abandon themselves to God. There He wants to build God’s kingdom! Actually all peoples and religions know this form of marriage and family. The exceptions are described in Romans 1. We know that a marriage in the true sense can almost succeed only by the Spirit of God; it is a Christian thing you don’t necessarily have to impose to others. We fight and witness for Jesus and not for a morality that arises only from the faith!
Even in ancient times there was strife and contention in the marriage. That is why Moses permitted you to divorce yourself. But Jesus says very clearly that it was allowed only because of the hardness of our hearts; actually God does not want it. Sometimes we have the choice to stay in a marriage, although there is much controversy and other bad things, or go away. Both are to blame. If we tolerate that adults and children even get more injuries, we are guilty. If we divorce, we are guilty. Since it is well that the Spirit of God will give us wisdom in every single situation. There is no blanket answer!
A good marriage is a gift from heaven. We can destroy it by living selfish, inconsiderate and instinctive, but we can also maintain and improve it when we give ourselves to Jesus and invest in our marriage from His power. Jesus wants to encourage and help us and to give love and wisdom. He never lets us down! He knows that both partners are never perfect. But He helps! When we ask for forgiveness He helps, corrects us more and more and has very high hopes for us and our partner! He should be the center of marriage and we want to dedicate it to Him.
Thank you, Jesus, You only have good thoughts and plans for us! If we could just listen more to You, then there would be much, much less problems! Please forgive my selfishness, and help me to live as a child of God should be. You are with me when I walk in Your ways and You help me everywhere!

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