My Heart – 2015.10.12

My Heart – 2015.10.12

My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.
Proverbs 23:26

What does God want from me? He is not interested in self-flagellation, knowledge, money, or power. He wants so much more: He wants me. He wants me completely, from head to toe. He does not go for less.
He himself sacrificed Jesus. Not just a little bit of him, but Jesus gave His life so I can live. And now He wants my heart, my life.
Holding it in His hand is what he wants, and He wants to fill me with true life. He does not want to condemn and punish me, but make my life fruitful. He is the creator who formed me, and now he claims back my life. He saw that I was unable to reach the goal alone, that is why He wants my heart. He is not only my creator but my biggest help, my encourager, my Father, my consoler, and my adviser. Why do I still hesitate?
It is like the coconut. The palm tree bears the coconut and supplies all the nutrition it needs so the coconut grows. And than the nut wants to be free and independent, and it makes itself loose and falls down. Some break on a rock, some get collected, chopped up, and dried. Awful! But this is the fate of people: they fall prey to all kinds of trickery and live their life without goal or meaning. In contrast, it is better for the coconut to go back up its palm tree. There it is protected against the sun and wind by the leaves. It is carried by the strong trunk and is in company of all the other coconuts.
Truly, I want to be back with my creator as well! He will carry me and supplies my with all that I need. I will be protected against wind, sun, and storm by Him. He can have my heart, my life, and my whole me! Than I am protected and I have the good company of others!
My find myself liking His ways, because He wants my best. I want Him to transform me into His sons likeness: humility, love, mercy, kindness, gentleness, patience, trust in God, joy, and peace!

Thank You Jesus, for You put me back on the tree of life! You paid for me dearly, now I shall be owned by You. Take up residence in my heart! Clean it from all that is unholy and unclean and fill my with Your Holy Spirit! Your ways are to my liking, even if I do not understand everything. But one thing I understand: You love me. Thanks You!
Bible reading today: Proverbs 2:1-22

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