No other God – 2015.07.28

No other God – 2015.07.28

There must be no foreign god among you.
You must not bow down to any strange deity.
Psalms 81:9

So that’s it … God is my God. Other "gods" are not an option for me. He alone is everything for me. He is the first address which I contact when a problem occurs. He is the one in whom I am looking for help. With Him I can have a good cry. He is my consolation. He is with me when I go through dark valleys. He is my Good Shepherd! He is my Savior, my helper, my shield, my hope. He protects me like a strong tower. He is GOD, everything else compared with Him are only trinkets and illusion. I want to look at Him, worship and praise His name; He should be the center of my heart, yes, my whole life. All my thinking, my very being should revolve around Him. Nothing and no one will overtake the place that He deserves. From Him I get everything I need – and much more. He is God, my Father, my Creator and Sustainer.
Therefore I will seek His face. Already in the morning when I wake up, I want to greet Him. At night when I go to sleep, I cover myself under His protection. At day I want to devote time to Him, talk and be together with Him. My daily chores I want to do with Him – then they will work and succeed like He wants it. He gives ideas and help. To His honor I want to live today!
Nothing should stand between me and my wonderful God. Everything else, no matter how good it is, should withdraw in the second row. He is the first and the last!

Thank you, Father, that I am Your child and You are my God! You care for me wonderfully. You know all my needs and satisfy them. It’s nice to live together with You. It’s nice to be blessed by You. You are my God, and I do not want to have another one!

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