Praise and thanks  –  2020.04.16

Praise and thanks  –  2020.04.16

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.
Serve the Lord with joy!
Come to His face with rejoicing!
Psalm 100:1f.

And on it goes:
“Know that the Lord is God. HE has created us, we are His property, His people and the herd of His pasture. Enter with thanks through His gates! Come with hymns of praise into the forecourts of His temple. Thank Him, praise His name! For the Lord is good, eternal is His grace, from generation to generation His faithfulness.”
Perhaps we should call this Psalm Corona Psalm, because here God shows us how to deal with great problems. First comes the thanks and praise of God, because HE is really great and powerful. And then comes the remembrance of all that God has already done. And the confirmation of what we are together with Him: His property, His people, the flock of His pasture. HE is responsible for us, because we are His. Will He allow such a small virus to rule over us? Thanking God makes His mighty arm act, His rights are raised to defend His property, His flock. HE is kind, faithful, full of mercy and grace. Where is such a mighty and benevolent God? HE shields all who call on His name. Yes, God is serious: thanksgiving and praise silence the enemy and move the hand of God. Thanks and praise lift up our soul to God Almighty. Then our worries become normal-sized again and lose their horror. Then we know again who the LORD is: Jesus Christ, who has bought us dearly.

Thank You Jesus, You have chosen me as Your property, now I belong to You. Thank You, You take good care of me. You care about me. I am completely safe with You. Hallelujah!

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