Resurrection of the dead  –  01.11.2020

Resurrection of the dead  –  01.11.2020

If the dead are not raised, let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we die.
1 Corinthians 15, 32

This is how people live today: just thinking about now and having fun. Vacations. Luxuries. Enjoyment.
Morality is no more, because God no longer features in people’s thinking. Good is what benefits me. Fraud, lies, adultery, ungodly sexual morality …… even the politicians join in. And all because God is no longer the golden standard.
If you know that there is a God, you live differently. You think of the after, of the judgement, of God’s blessing, which you gamble away. Without resurrection there is no judgement, no one needs to justify one’s actions.
But the resurrection is real. Jesus was the first and we all will follow.
Some go the wide way and through the wide gate. Arm in arm they encourage each other. They are cheerful and blaspheme against God until they are through the gate. Then they are in the other world, and there no one recognizes each other. Mothers no longer recognizes their children, children do not know their mothers. Each one is alone with his wickedness, all good things have gone, evil is spreading unhindered. All the torments that we are beginning to experience here are experienced there to the fullest. This place, where God is no longer, is unimaginably bad.
And those who trust in God and Jesus have to walk the narrow path here. They are refreshed by the angels and not abandoned by Jesus. They have to pass through the narrow gate. But then they are in the glorious land. In the land where there is no more night. There sickness and pain heal, everyone cares for everyone, just as a mother cares for her child. There it is good, indescribably good! All evil must stay outside.
We have the choice: do we trust Jesus? Or do we march with the masses? HE will judge, the Bible says: After death comes judgment. Blessed is the one whose guilt is forgiven!
The Bible speaks about heaven and hell. There is no purgatory in the Bible. (There are many pious legends and stories, but the Bible does not bear witness to them; – we prefer to believe in the Bible, for it is the Word of God!)

Thank You Jesus, You accept me as Your child. I belong to You, and You take good care of me! Thank You, I don’t need to fear death anymore, because You are my Saviour, You carry me over into Your Kingdom. Amen!

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