Self-love – 2015.01.14

Love the Lord your God… and your neighbor as yourselve.
Luke 10:27
I know people who have self-love. They know everything and can talk about everything. There is no subject in which they are not experts. Everywhere they like to dominate. They do not realize that they give no space to other peoples. Horrible!
On the other side I know people who are not able to say yes to oneselve. They are so insecure, are so occupied with themselves, with their faults. They do not feel valued. You can do everything to show your love, they will not accept it. On the contrary they make it worse by surrendering themselves to addictions as drinking alkohol, too much coffee, by eating to much food and sweats. At least they try to comfort themselves by doing that. Some of them are so desperate that they want to commit suicide. It is hard to deal with such people.
However, there are also people who know and appreciate with thanks being loved and valued. They do not need any self-affirmation. They can apologize for their errors. They are not longing for the biggest piece of cake. They can encourage others and thank them. They live in piece and nobody can put them under pressure. – wonderful stable personalities in whose presence you like to be.
Yesterday we read in our prayer-time how precious we are, much more than the sparrows which are also loved and appreciated by God. He has a full Yes for us. He gives us everything we need. He released us from being egoistic, bitter and doubting. He changes our hearts in a miraculous way. Often we are not able to understand how valuable we are in His eyes because we suffer from a low self-esteem. He is aware about these difficulties and has sent us the Holy Spirit for this purpose. The Holy Spirit is strengthening my faith. He draws my attention away from me to my heavenly Father. The Spirit fills me and lets me know how valuable I am. He heals my soal of all injuries and unkindness. He is creating new life in me!
Please, Jesus, I need more of Your Spirit! Sometimes I really have problems to believe that you are loving me and accepting me as your child. I find it hard to believe that I as a sinner are valuable in Your eyes. Please strengthen my faith to be released so that pure joy fills my heart!

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