The Father of the nations – 2015.01.15

I am the Lord; I have called you in righteousness;
I will take you by the hand and keep you;
I will give you as a covenant for the people,
a light for the nations.
Isaiah 42, 6
God spoke to Jesus here. HE had to become a covenant for His nation and the light to the nations. Yes, salvation is just in Jesus Christ!God created nations. HE gave every nations specific character, strengths and weaknesses. HE treats nations like persons. HE is their Creator. They are important to Him. HE has callings for the nations!Like Jesus is a covenant for His nation and a light for the nations so we have to be messengers of God and the light for our nation. We have to advocate for our nation before God that He would forgive sins and take the cover from their eyes away so they could see Jesus.All good and strong sites of a nation become quickly destroying and brutal traits without Jesus. All the nation is then somehow from good to bad perverted. There were nations which no longer exist – they were bloodthirsty and killing. And there were nations which were blessing for others. That’s why we want to pray for our nation, solicited advocating for our country before God! May He forgive sins and give healing! There are big hardships in our country…When you live in a country as a foreigner you better see strong and good but also bad sites of the country. You have a calling from God to advocate for this country before Him. It is hard to live between foreign people but it helps you to search for God more and to ask for His help. Let Him to fill you with His Spirit which is so merciful with this nation!God has good plans for your nation. It should become a blessing for other nations. God loves your nation. He is not indifferent. HE wants to bring life where desperation reigns. Who is in a shadow of death should see the bright light. And one day all people and every nation and tribe will be standing before the throne of God and praise Him! Your nation must be there as well!Thank you, Father, You created this nation because You love it! You gave them so many traits but they used their strengths not the right way often. Please, forgive and heal my nation, and take the cover from their eyes so they could recognize You! And please, make my nation to a blessing for other nations! It should belong to You. I pray and live for that purpose.
Bible reading for today: Luke 8, 22 – 39

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