Sex and sin – 2020.06.05

Sex and sin – 2020.06.05

The LORD will guide you always,
even in the barren land He makes you full
and strengthen your limbs.
You are like a watered garden,
a spring whose water never runs dry.
Isaiah 58, 11

There is a “death zone” in the middle of the Sahara where no one dares to enter. And yet people live there, and they live well! In the middle of this dead zone is an oasis surrounded by a fence. All the juicy fruits and flowers that you can only imagine grow there. The inhabitants are full and satisfied. The fence has gates through which you can enter and leave.
This is how it is with the framework that God has given us for our sexuality. Near the source, near God, there is life in abundance. There is a protective fence, God’s Word and His strong hand. And there are gates through which, if you want to, you can get out. But outside there is desolation and death. Outside is the enemy. He’s out to get us, and he’s tempting us with the finest offerings.
Those who take the liberty of falling for the offers have a hard time getting back to the oasis. Some, even Christians, are plagued by porn addiction. Others are so free to take a lover or find the man of their dreams. We Christians are not immune to sin, we fall for it just like others! Only the strongest principles and the decision not to play with sinful thoughts can help. And of course the presence of God, the silent time, prayer, reading the Bible.
At first it is always dissatisfaction or false self-confidence. Then comes the playing with sinful thoughts and maybe a little alcohol. And then the thoughts settle down and you only see this one way out.
Only Jesus can liberate and preserve. The way back to God is open if someone repents and wants to break with sin. But the way back to the partner is unfortunately often closed. And yet God can still make something good out of such a situation. HE has hope, even for a King David. HE can still make enough good out of a botched life.

Lord, watch out for me! I want to stick close to You and not play with sin. I want to be grateful to You for my life, my situation and my possibilities. Thank You, You are the source of living water for me!

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