Simply poor  –  2021.12.05

Simply poor  –  2021.12.05

Blessed are the poor in the spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 5, 3

This verse and the story of Jacob with the ladder to heaven went through my mind. I asked the Lord, what is the connection? And He explained it to me. Jacob was fleeing from his brother Esau, whom he had shamefully deceived. He wanted to go to his relatives in Haran, several days’ journey away. When darkness fell, he went to sleep, and he put a stone under his head. There he dreamed that a ladder stood on the earth and reached all the way up to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending. At the top the LORD stood and spoke courage to Jacob. This happened in Beth-El.
Jacob had nothing left to show for himself. He was defenseless because he travelled alone. No help was to be expected. And in the foreign land he dod not know his way around. He was afraid. He did not know God personally, only by hearsay from the stories of the fathers. He had nothing to show before God, was spiritually absolutely poor.
These are the people that God needs! He does not need the big, strong all-rounders and all-knowers! He does not need those who are always ready with a few Bible verses and sayings!
He needs the humble, who have nothing, who can do nothing well, whose strength is not enough and who know: God’s kingdom cannot be built by man alone, only with Him and through Him. Those who pray because they know that everything is decided in prayer.
Hudson Taylor was physically weak, yet he reached all of China with the 1000 missionaries he prayed for. George Müller was poor, yet he fed 10,000 orphans daily, – and that 200 years ago when there were no social systems. Jacob was nothing, yet God made him Israel.
What will He make of you when you finally stand poor before Him? Without your pride, without your eloquence, just silent? When you finally realize what you are? Then you too will have a chance to become great in the Kingdom of God. Then the ladder of heaven will also go to you, and the angels of God will ascend and descend. They bring your prayers up to the throne and His gifts down to you.

Thank You Jesus, with You I can be honest. When I see You in Your splendor, glory, omnipotence, on the throne, I fall and realise: I am nothing. Lord, be merciful to me and fill me, otherwise it’s over with me!!!

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