The Living Word – 2016.11.05

The Living Word – 2016.11.05

For the word of God is alive, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword.
Hebrews 4, 12

God’s Word is alive, it does and accomplishes what it is sent to do. Already at the beginning of the Bible is the Word of God, that everything in existence and gives life: God said: Let there be light! – And there was light. He calls things from nothing into existence, He does not need to use ingredients that are already available somewhere. He also does not need thousands of angels in order to create the world. His word alone is sufficient.
John writes: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In the beginning it was with God. Everything is made by him … In him was life, and the life was the light of men. (From John 1).
God’s Word does what God wants. It never happens that does not say will happen. He always keeps his word.
The word kills, the Spirit gives life. So it is with the printed word. Some cling to the letter and overlook all the mighty Lord of the word. The Bible can quickly become a book of laws. But for these people is the divine life not there, and when communities make the word the law, it is similar: The letter kills.
If we prayerfully read the Bible, God begins to speak. He puts us His Word to our heart, and we deal with it, we move His promises back and forth in our hearts. We do not want to admit that the old, evil serpent talks to us the same as talking to Eva: God should have said yes …. Maybe He meant it differently? Perhaps it is for others, but not for you? – These thoughts come and we should be ready, uncover it and then accept these words for us. The more I move the Word of God in my heart, the more vital it is in me. The more I trust God’s Word, the more I will experience God. He is, my faith in accordance.
When we comfort each other and ascribe courage, if we have to make a speech or sermon, then we want to ask you to be a channel for God’s Word. So can life flow to the other people and do His work in their hearts. We want to be open to God’s thoughts and words, and expect that He makes His Word alive.
He is the living Lord!

Thank you, Jesus, you are living and writing new life everlastingly! Your Word makes me alive again, fills me with strength and confidence! Please lay your words in my heart, I will trust you!

Bible Reading Today: John 19: 17-30

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