The Rock – 2016.06.23

The Rock – 2016.06.23

He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just.
A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.
Deuteronomy 32, 4

Once when we were building, we had too much concrete. We quickly poured another small concrete slab outside the front door so that you can get into the house without dirty footmarks. At first it looked beautiful. However, after the frost in winter it had to get some cracks and after a few years it was completely torn and destroyed; – Useless, old; it must be re-done. That taught me a lesson. When we poured another slab, I built strong iron into the concrete. And the new slab got no cracks; – The frost could not harm it.
So it is similar with the parable that Jesus told about a house. A man built a house. He placed it on a rock and as a storm came and the floods swept the house, it was firm; for it was founded upon a rock. Another built his house on sand. At first it looked nice and cozy. But a storm came and the floods swept the house, the water washed away the house and smashed it.
The rock on which we build our lives, is the Lord Jesus Christ! He alone is a foundation that really carries us through every storm. Everything else looks good, but does not withstand the storms of life. By the time the final bell tolls, each person will recognize, on which foundation he has built his life. Only with Jesus, we are safe and secure, as the floods roar and the lightning and thunder crash: He is the rock that holds.
That’s not my merit, but Jesus loyalty. He holds onto me, as He promised. He is unswervingly loyal; even if I am sometimes unfaithful. Although I do not always give God the honor and disagree with some things, even when I’m nagging and want it all differently: He is faithful and reliable, independent of me and my thinking. His ways are straight. My ways are sometimes intertwined, because I do not see the target. But I trust Him that He has an overview and guides me right, bringing me to my destination. Yes, He, my rock is unswervingly loyal.

Thank you, Jesus, for on you I can build! My life house stands on a secure foundation. Although I do not like everything, You are the Lord and are faithful to me undeviatingly. Forgive me if I am not always satisfied and grateful with my life. I have no idea of how you have it. You are always straight, unswervingly loyal and Your ways with me are always right.

Bible Reading Today: Hebrews 9: 15 – 28

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