The Spirit of Hope – 2015.05.25

The Spirit of Hope – 2015.05.25

This hope doesn’t put us to shame, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
Romans 5:5

The hope is the mark of Christians! Without hope, humans perish.
We hope for the grace and mercy of God. We look forward to eternal life with God. We hope that God intervenes in our situation. We hope that God makes His promises to us come true. We hope that He loves us and protects us and blesses us. There is a lot of what we hope for from Him; – And He does not disappoint us.
There is uncertain hope. For example, we hope for human help and are often disappointed. Or we hope for good weather, or a lucky hit in the lottery. We hope the doctor makes us healthy, or, the boss promotes us so we get more money. Although these hopes are not always fulfilled, we do put a lot into this uncertain hope.
Jesus is a hope which never disappoints. He always keeps His word. That we can believe it thoroughly and get security, God has poured out the Holy Spirit in our heart. Not sparing, like a few small drops, but overflowing and abundant as filling a pot to overflowing; – so that it is not only for us, but emanates from us and reaches the environment. The Holy Spirit gives us faith and security in Jesus. It is He who makes us capable of believing. Since faith becomes a certainty: So it is, and nothing can shake it. He loves me, is merciful to me, forgives all my fault, protects me, has one goal for me and is every day everywhere with me.
People with this security are unshakable. They are happy because this hope fills their heart. They have peace with God and themselves. They become messengers of peace. They have a lot of patience, meekness, clear, uplifting words, consolation and do not think bad about others. They are the light and the hope for the world because Jesus shines through them.

Jesus, give me more of Your spirit! I want that hope, security, firmness, justice and the love that the Holy Spirit brings with it! He shall move freely in me. Please forgive any debt and omission that prevents Him. Take everything that grieves Him from my heart. It should belong only to You alone.

Bible reading today: Lukas 1, 26 – 56

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