The Sun of Righteousness – 2015.10.15

The Sun of Righteousness – 2015.10.15

But to you who fear my name,
the sun of righteousness will rise
with healing in its wings.
Malachi 3, 20

Yesterday we read that humility precedes healing. God wants to heal the land, when it humbles itself, confesses its’ guilt and turns to listen to him.
Before God heals the land, His Church must be healed. And before the church is healing, the individual Christian has to be healed.
We suffer from all kinds of suffering, we are not certain of healing. But the more we see ourselves in the light of God, the more humble and less proud we are. We are increasingly dependent on the grace. Because if I can no longer boast before God, only of my inadequacy, I am totally dependent on His grace. God wants, that he may pour out His blessings and love in abundance to me.
If a community and church is marked by this humility, God can finally act. There stops our "career", power struggles are over, there is no longer slander. There is warm love for one another, each bears the burden of others, that one forgives the other, and blesses him.
Our country is marked by disbelief. God’s standards do not apply. God will sit in judgment; – Only the praying man can still stop it. They should leaven the society as leavened dough. But will they make it? If God holds court over our people, it will make a difference between His children, those who fear His name, and those who mock him. He, the Sun of Righteousness , brings healing under his wings.

Lord, you’re right! We are unholy, unclean, and from the bottom of the heart a sinner and we rebel against you. Only the grace of Jesus can save me and make me pure. Yes, Lord, I need lots and lots of grace! Please, let me be a blessing for our country, please, forgive our country and heal it!
Bible Reading Today: Malachi 3: 13-24

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