The Word of God – 2016.09.09

The Word of God – 2016.09.09

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
Hebrews 4,12

Many Christians enjoy reading their Bibles. To them it is a fountain of strength. Reading God’s promises makes them happy. On the other hand, many Christians do not like reading their Bibles. They make up all kinds of excuses. Yet they constantly have a guilty conscience, because they know they should…
When I questioned God about this, He answered me with the verse above. And slowly I came to the realisation that the Bible is like a mirror to some, in which they see their imperfection, bad deeds and failures. When they read how a Christian is supposed to be, as compared to how they themselves are, they become depressed. So they prefer to leave their Bible in their cupboard.
God made me realise that it is a matter of forgiveness and mercy. When one has not realised how all-encompassing forgiveness is, one will always feel guilty. When one does not constantly live in God’s mercy, one only sees one’s own imperfections. It is a matter of where I reside: does sin (impurity, bad deeds, failure) hold me captive via a guilty conscience? Or have I been freed through Jesus’ forgiveness? Do I accept His mercy renewed every day? Then I am a resident in God’s Kingdom, called to peace and joy, and not to a guilty conscience.
Being a Christian does not make me perfect. I even commit sins. But God knows this, and He removes all guilt, failure and guilty conscience. His Holy Spirit in me needs to remind me repeatedly: I am a child of God; my sins have been forgiven; He sees whether I want to belong to Him and listen to Him. He does not expect me to be perfect and flawless as Jesus was, because He knows me. And: He loves me, regardless!- That is how I can live in a state of mercy!- that is such a good and liberating feeling! And so I can read God’s word and happily accept His promises. What a feeling!
Thank You, Jesus, Your forgiveness covers all my deficiencies, my failures and my guilt. Now, because I have been cleansed, I can live in Your mercy. That is such a liberating feeling! Now I can happily study Your Word and happily walk the road with You!! Thank You for always thinking of everything!

Bible study for today: John 1,35-51

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