Wisdom and Knowledge – 2016.10.19

Wisdom and Knowledge – 2016.10.19

In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Colossians 2:3

Some are writing thick books about difficult theological subjects. Others are commenting those in detail with a lot of effort so these written commentaries are very difficult to read and are of no gain for me with regard to Jesus Christ.
But fortunately there are also books and articles where God is speaking. That builds me up! It strengthens and activates my faith.
There are Christians who talk and talk and talk. That is stressful for the listeners. Some speeches of 2 hours can be summarized in 3 sentences. Sometimes you do not know at the end about what they had spoken…
Fortunately there are people who talk about Jesus and all people are listening with interest. You understand and learn and the faith in Christ grows. You go deeper and do not forget anymore.
Some read the Bible, can quote many sentences but God only seldom speaks to them. For some the Bible study is a dry reading, even boaring. On the other side there are people who cannot wait to know how the bible story continues. They hear the voice of God and feel how their faith grows and matures. How does this happen? It is Him, His grace. In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Who likes to understand these treasures needs Jesus. Only He can explain those and make us understand. Therefore, before I read the Bible, I ask Him to purify me and fill me with His Spirit of Truth. I pray that He speaks to me and shows me new things. He likes to inform me what will be important for me today. In this way I benefit from reading the Bible. Treasures of wisdom and knowledge are offered.
After all, a successful life is only possible with Him. The secret of the holy men and women is to stay in touch with Him always. All truth is in Him, all knowledge, all wisdom. He is almighty and omnipresent! Why should I go my way without Him?
If we want to be a blessing for others we have to stay with Him. Then our speeches and writing will be a source of life for others. That is what Jesus wants. We should be in touch with HIs wisdom and knowledge to be refreshed and to pass it on to others.
Thank You, Jesus, You have all what I need. You like to give it to me. Yes, I will take time to be together with You to receive Your wisdom, knowledge and grace. You are my Helper that I can live. Thank You that You love me.

Bible reading today – John 13: 21-38

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