Words of life – 19.09.2020

Words of life – 19.09.2020

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.
John 6, 68

We pray for a young man who is in a coma and needs to be ventilated. Where else should we turn? The doctors have done everything that is humanly possible. Now it is in God’s hands.
The name of the man is Andrius. He is only 24 years old. Do you help to pray? Let him breathe for himself!
Where shall we turn? The Father in heaven has words of eternal life. Life without beginning and end, life in abundance, life in peace, contentment, happiness and harmony. The Father in heaven says His yes to us, HE has accepted us, loved us and accepted us as children. His word is life.
I think of creation: God said, Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be life, and there was life. – So it shall be: we need light and life, and with Him is everything.
I think of the children whom no one wants to have. But HE has accepted them. HE has said yes to them and wants them. With Him they are in good hands, HE stands by them.
I think of the people who return from prison. HE said yes to them, HE wants them in His family. HE wants to care for them. Let us help Him!
I think of the people in rehabilitation. Freed from alcohol and drugs, who wants them? Heavenly Father says yes to them and gives them a second chance and helps them with it.
And when I am not well, I flee into prayer. When everything becomes too much for me, I need the presence of the Lord. There my soul comes to rest again and I can continue refreshed.
And when I have no way out, I flee to Him. HE tells me where to go, or HE assures me of His support. How good that does! Instead of despair comes hope. Instead of sorrow and anger comes new courage and peace.
The word of the LORD gives life. You and me. HE always speaks where our biggest problem is. HE wants to solve it. His word is life!
His word to you is: Yes! I want you! I love you! I give my life for you! I have a future for you! Trust me, I will do well.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou always have good words for me. Sometimes ​Y​our word is hard, but it is always right and loving. Thank ​Y​ou, because ​Y​ou want life for me! Thank You, You always lift me up again and give me new courage! You are wonderful!

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